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Holy hot dicks from hell...

A sprite animation with a MESSAGE? One that doesn't simply blow things up with Metal-Slug explosions or have a random Sonic cameo for no apparent reason? I must have mistyped the address, because this can't be Newgrounds.... But seriously, the lack of flashes that carry a deep meaning and/or moral is very disappointing. Most animators submit silly, worthless flashes that make you chuckle for a second or two and then are forgotten. Nope, not this one. Also, you get a bonus for mentioning Braid. Tim is my hero.

Emptygoddess responds:

I dunno how much of a hero Tim is.

So simple yet....

So fucking funny. The animation was simple, but added to the humor. I also liked how you took the background noises and put them into separate animations (i.e. the "fart"). It was funny how you portrayed the voice actor.

That sock thing is ingenious, by the way.



UltraPitchFork responds:


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Entertaining, but lacking

I had fun playing this game, but a few things stop me from giving it higher than a 7. Firstly, it's fairly annoying that whenever you go back to the menu, the song stops. In the beginning, you hear the first 5 seconds of the song over and over. It's also kind of annoying how there's no "next level" button. You HAVE to click menu and then click the level, which kind of breaks the game's flow. I also didn't like how it felt clunky changing the colors. It would have felt better using different keys besides the arrows. Besides those things, it was fun and enjoyable experience with a cool techno-oriented style. I had fun playing through most of the game.

I must enter a summary for my review.

He's such an idiot......It's just a shame he makes so much money because the rest of the world is a bunch of idiots. Great job, it was really funny hearing all the things he said.

"probably dead"...?

Like I'd kill myself over an idiot typing things to me... If he was a real cyberbully he would misspell every other word and abbreviate things that need no abbreviation. Also, I was typing things like "Keep going it makes me horny." It would have been nice if he had responded in stead of constantly saying things at a set interval. Oh well, it was simple and taught a lesson. Good enough.

Archawn responds:


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Oh lawd

Great beat with a classic tune. Too bad some assmonkey on youtube stole it and claimed it as his own.

It's like my ears are having an orgasm

The person who does vocals for this has to be able to cure cancer with his/her voice, otherwise they're not going to be able to hold up with the standards this song sets.

Love indeed

I liked the tune, it was very upbeat and made me smile. I also like the description you left because this song is easily applicable to love and happiness. I wouldn't worry about hitting too many high notes, it's a light-sounding song so if you did (I didn't hear any) they sounded a-OK.

How about NO.

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